Facebook is a very powerful marketing tool in online world. However, most of the people do not understand how to fully utilize this tool.

There's a group of people who will sell likes, or promote the concept of more likes equals to better results. However, is that true?

If you ask me, among all these years in Facebook marketing, I can definitely tell you "likes" is not important at all. When I first started Facebook marketing, I feel so happy when I got a lot of likes. That time of Facebook, indeed, more likes equals to more sales. However, as time goes by, I discover the "likes" provided by Facebook is getting more and more useless. Why?

There's a lot of Fake likes in Facebook
If you really understand the demographics of Facebook, you will know that there's more than 8.7% of fake users in Facebook. The number is growing and that's why you are wasting your money on this kind of advertising. Imagine, when you put in your advertising budget, immediately there will be people "liking" your status every 15mins. Do you think this is possible? 

Therefore, knowing which is real likes and which are fake likes is so important. Especially now there's a new function where you can eliminate fake likes away from your Facebook fanpage. If you are hardworking enough to check and eliminate the fake fans, you will be able to filter a group of "real fans" and then tap into their market. 

Still, there's people selling Likes in the market. If you really think it works, you can buy from me as well. I can guarantee price will be 50% lower than the market price. Hahaha. But, seriously I am not interested in doing such business. Why not let us grow your business, drive real sales for you?

Stop the "likes" myth and we can certainly do better.

Sign off,